I hope you had a great summer!

It's been an age since you guys had an update. Things have been a little tough around the Lola office recently and we've had some tragic news to wrap our heads around, which is why we have been a little quiet. Today however, I want to scream from the rooftops (well more like bellow like a 3 month old at 5am) about our new nursery ranges.

As a huge monochrome fan myself, I hope you will all like the newness and I look forward to seeing lots of nursery pics and 'shelfies' when you receive our new items. Make sure you all use our instagram tags I don't want to miss any.

I have decided to step away from clothes (don't worry our world famous tutus arent going anywhere, infact there's a delicious new 'flavour' about to be revealed) and concentrate on our kids concept store and on our personalised items. (Check out the new personalised racing cars - if you have a little boy they are the PERFECT gift)

I'm going to (try) and blog a little more regularly over the next few months as there's lots coming up.

Thank you all for your continued loyal custom.

Love, Hannah xo